Sunday, 16 December 2012

Trinkets and Treasures from Travel Adventures

As promised, here is the post about the treasures I acquired overseas. I picked up a lot of things to adorn the home - I have this vision of being an 80 year old, with bookshelves and sideboards cluttered with a lifetimes worth of trinkets, regaling my grandchildren with tales of the exotic location where I made my purchases, so I'm firmly on my way towards achieving the dream with this haul!

While everyone else on our bike tour of Berlin worried about toilet breaks and refreshments, I was concerned with the important stuff, like whether I would be able to carry this Amethyst candle holder in my suitcase for three weeks without shattering it. Bought from a crystal shop near Check Point Charlie, this is my favourite purchase of the trip.

You know those dodgy shops that look like they only sell bongs and weed shaped key rings? Well, you should go in them, sometimes the yield gold - like So High, Soho in London, where I picked up this Mexican Mosaic wall hanging. 

Scully, my skull shaped money box, comes from Urban Outfitters.

I picked up some very creepy fingernail rings from Top Shop - I really liked wearing the pinky one, but took it off one day and can't remember where I left it... whoops. The tiny skull is from a little shop in Paris, it's actually an eraser, and now sits with my jewellery.

In Hvar, I became obsessed with these old maps. They are printed on wax paper, so have been framed and hung in the bathroom - until someone comments to me to let me know if steam is going to damage the prints?

I picked up this clutch in KL and am yet to use it, but love the colours. It looks pretty perched on the accessory shelf in my bedroom

Snagged this jacket from H&M in London. It's in a really great burnt orange, so I can feel like I'm not just being bland in all black, like I usually do, when the weather is unpleasant.

Sand Castle Building in Hamelin Bay in the jacket

This suede and wool creation is from Garage in Berlin, as discussed in my previous post. I LOVE the suede tassels. It's a real 80's cut, with major shoulder action going on.

Top Shop Stud Shoulder Paisley Tee - This tee is in high rotation at the moment, definitely getting my wear out of it. The studs are actually quite sharp - no lending a shoulder to cry on in this top!

Picked up this number in Paris on the Champs D'Elysee. It was the perfect dress for the super hot weather we faced whilst in the city - you can't really see, but it is lace, overlaid on a very thin slip. The slight peplum at the bottom makes it that little bit more interesting than your usual black dress.
Strolling the streets of Paris 

Another Top Shop Shoulder Studded Stunner. I love how slouchy this is, the perfect amount of sloppy comfortable.

Rooftop drinks in London

In Ryan Town, I bought the 2013 Calendar. I'm looking forward to spending next year with him.

I've become one of those magnet people - picking up souvenirs in each of our stops, and then having Stickygrams made from my Instagram pics once I got home. I'll leave it to you to pick out the buys!

While in London, we went to Harrods, where I discovered the Christmas Shop and went a bit mental. Christmas is my thing - I love decorating, and sending christmas cards, and buying and wrapping presents, and catching up with all my friends and family and... I could go on forever here, so let's just leave it at I LOVE CHRISTMAS, and was very excited to get some very London decorations for my tree.

I also visited the Bermondsey Square Antique Markets, which were conveniently right outside our doorstep when we stayed at the Bermondsey Square Hotel. The BF lacked my vision and thought I was being ridiculous when I bought a broken chandelier, but what he couldn't envision was how perfect the broken pieces would be to use to make christmas decorations.

I set to the task of putting these together last month, with some jump rings from Spotlight, ribbon from Myer (I STILL have no idea where the safe spot I stored my special ribbons purchased in London is, I'm sure they will turn up one day...) and a set of Jewellery Pliers. Basically, I just pulled all the motley wires out of the chandelier pieces and then used the jump rings to create some different combinations of the pieces. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out - example below.

From this to this...

And now that I have once again successfully managed to lull you to sleep, I conclude my banging on about the Europe Trip. I promise to never speak of it again. We are off to New Zealand at the end of the week, to celebrate Christmas with family and friends at home, before a quick weekend visiting the boy's family in Bendigo, VIC, so I'm sure I will be raving about that instead and driving you nuts.

I'm going to be doing my best to make you as homesick as I can Zen - I'll be sure to get a good pic of your Ma and Pa for you, and Charlotte, I will make sure that Erin and I have many a drink in your honour!

Love love
Jade xx

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